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INDIA GOSPEL NETWORK's Discussion Board make it possible for our visitors to Post Messages and/or to facilitate meaningful discussions. We encourage open, civil discussion. Respect the rights of others to disagree with your opinions. But feel free to express your views in a clear manner. The views and opinions expressed here may not reflect the views of IGN.  If you have any technical problems with this forum, please send an e-mail to the Webmaster.

When you post a message, be sure that it relates to the topic in which you post it. Don't change the subject already being discussed.

If you want to discuss a new subject, please post a new message.

Please use this forum with care.  Do not post anything that is offensive to other believers and visitors.  Do not use this forum to discuss church politics and gossips.

Do not post advertisements or solicitations on IGN's Christian Discussion Board.

When you disagree with someone, argue ideas rather than attacking individuals. We do not allow profanity, vulgarity, personal insults, harassment, or bigotry. Violating messages will be removed.

The India Gospel Network reserves the right to delete any post that it consideres inappropriate on this forum.

If you discover a posting that includes profanity, vulgarity, personal insults, harassment, or bigotry, please report it ASAP to Thank you for your help in keeping our boards free from undesirable material.


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