Christian Resources on Internet

This is a list of some of the Christian resources available on Internet. This is not a complete list by any means. Nevertheless it is a good start.


You can now search GOSHEN.NET from here for Christian Resource URLs.

If you are looking for a Church in your location, try the CHURCH LOCATOR

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Devotional Materials
  • Our Daily Bread - Daily devotional guide from Radio Bible Class
  • Daily Wisdom
  • Promises - A Guide to Supernatural Living.
  • Words of Hope - Words of HOPE broadcasts in over 40 languages worldwide to many of the world's least evangelized peoples--especially those living in the 10/40 Window.
All these provide graphic calendar interface. Click on a calendar square and receive the devotional material for the day.
  • Servant Life Online! - You'll get refreshing ideas from the best new books, magazines, and interviews in each issue of Servant Life. Each issue contains scores of fascinating items, condensed and organized into eight enjoyable pages. You get the information you need, so you spend only minutes reading each issue.
  • Who Is Jesus?
  • The Jesus I Never Knew - Philip Yancey invites readers to share his personal quest for the answers.
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Christian Ministries
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Christian Resources Net-surfing
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Christian Books, Magazines and Related Links
  • The Christian Computing Magazine - Read latest issue of the Christian Computing Magazine on-line.
  • Christian Computer User Magazine - CCU is the premiere multimedia newsletter for Christians; published by Stained Glass.
  • New Technology Review. - Online magazine about the use of the Internet and online technology in the Church.

  • Christian Cyberspace Companion - A well written book to help Christians get started with the Internet.

  • Living Stones Newsletter - Living Stones Newsletter is a monthly publication for serious Christian teens who desire to grow in the knowledge of the Lord.
  • IN TRUTH & SPIRIT - Quarterly Newsletter of India Pentecostal Assembly of Boston.

  • Baker Book House Online! - Baker Book House Online provides instant access to online catalogs, book descriotions, promotional specials, author information and more!
  • Christian Book Connection - An online Christian bookstore featuring a catalog of nearly 30,000 items including books. Bibles, Bible software, CDs, and cassettes.
  • HIS NAME Christian Books HIS NAME Christian Books is a full service on-line Bookstore. We have over 34,000 items available and true discount prices. We have Books, Bibles, Tapes, CD's, Children's books, songbooks, T-shirts, cook books, craft books and much more.
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